Nicole is a marvelous Designer! We've collaborated on several bathrooms, and our clients have loved - repeat LOVED - the results. She has a gift for choosing the unusual, the remarkable and the understated in materials and products, resulting in finished rooms that are not the usual fare. I also love her flexibility in working with existing homes, adjacent rooms, unusual requests.

Wonderful experience with this company! Professional yet personal. Amazing what they were able to do for my dining room. We live in an older home and I love the way Randy was able to make it new and fresh. Will definitely be using them again for other spaces in our house.

We have been working with Nicole Norris as our interior designer (and friend) throughout the process of building our new retirement home in 2010/2011 and then building a significant addition in 2014. Our home has over 5000 square feet, large porches and an outdoor kitchen, 2 garages with storage areas and workshop. We already had many items which included mostly Chinese and Japanese antique furniture, art, many antique Persian carpets, and antique porcelain and decorative pieces acquired during our worldwide travels. Nicole provided her expertise and experience to integrate our style with both of our loves of color. Her selections of wall color added the perfect backdrop to all that we were planning. We worked together to determine floor stain, furniture and art placement, fireplace, kitchen and bath design including tile, granite and marble selections, and outdoor bluestone patio design. We acquired new items of furniture, art and rugs to complement and complete our new home with a Southern and Asian flair. Now, in 2015, the process continues as we update some of our existing art, furniture and accessories. I could not mention all the value Nicole adds in this short paragraph, but I think you get the idea of her professionalism, knowledge and outstanding results. Nicole is a pleasure to work with because she immediately understands the life style we are looking for and is able to provide the design while steering me away from mistakes that I might have made without her expertise. A true professional and a great person! Thank you Nicole.

I have had a wonderful experience with Nicole Norris Design Studio. Nicole and her team have designed rooms in our home ranging from bedrooms to living and dining areas. Additionally, they have designed and supervisied the remodeling of our kitchen and bathroom. I have always appreciated their amazing designs, attention to detail and willingness to work within our budget. I love that we have a home that is not only beautiful, but also a comfortable space for our whole family.

Nicole and her team were a dream come true. I knew going into building my new home that I was going to need an enormous amount of help, from the floor plans, colors, furniture to the accessories. I basically turned everything over to them. What an amazing, awesome job they did. I trusted everything they did and was never disappointed. To top it all off, I had a smaller room that was not being used and Nicole designed a dressing room that makes me feel like a princess. I am so blessed to have met Nicole! When I walk into my home I can't help but smile at its beauty. Beth Dabbs

Nicole is a wonderful designer. She has helped me numerous times with pre party planning set up and house set-up. Nicole's expertise and knowledge makes a difficult project easy and within budget. We are fortunate to have such a big city expertise in a small town.

Nicole was so easy and wonderful to work with! It was like she read my mind. I gave her a very difficult task in undertaking my home and she was timely, efficient, and easy to contact in addition to making my home a work of art! I am so happy with the final product! -The Hudson Home