Design Fees

Broad Brushstrokes package – $300  A good starting point. This includes a general assessment of the space, discussion of goals and plan, and basic ideas to improve space.  Could be a color selection, fabric or wall covering for one room and can evolve into a Refined Plan.

Refined Plan - $750 This plan brings the basic up a notch. This includes a room plan with a drafted floor plan and ideas for furniture, fixtures and accessories shown on a concept sheet, which is provided as a visual aid to our clients.

Custom Services – (Residential or Commercial) The fee for comprehensive design services will involve coming up with a plan and a proposal based on the scope of work of the project after an initial meeting with the clients.  This will involve a blended fee of our principal designers and associate designer based on the amount of time we estimate the project will take.

Purchasing Services – With our vast resources of design products, we have the ability to provide the services of procurement and installation of products specified in our designs.  Upon completion of a design concept, upon request, NNDS, Inc. will provide our clients with an estimate of products available only to the trade.