Love the Home You're In!

Don't "Lose that lovin' feeling" in your home!  Hopefully you have started the New Year off and are getting into the groove.  By this time you have De-cluttered and are getting ready for Spring.  As it turns out, we've had a lot of warmer weather than normal so far.  It is hard NOT to want to move toward lighter, brighter, and more colorful interiors.  Create that love by adding a dash of color anywhere!  It could be a new window treatment or chair to liven things up or a simple throw, a pretty pillow, or a new piece of art!  One of my clients told me recently that after having installed some new orange silk panels in an otherwise neutral bedroom that she doesn't know how she lived without color before!  She said, "It made me so HAPPY!"  ...and that is exactly how you should feel in your haven.

pink chair.jpg

Love your Objects d'art!  Another tip to remember during this month of Saint Valentine's is to make interior purchases that you truly love.  It can make all the difference in the world.  If you purchase right you may spend a little extra money, but find that when you get something that you adore, you are less likely to dispose of it and more likely to move it around in your home over time.  A well-designed interior should flow so that your accent pieces are somewhat interchangeable from space to space in the home. 


"Heart love"...

Decorate with hearts in art, on your coffee table, and in bookshelves. 


Put a spin on the chic black and white and neutral trend by adding red, pink, or fuchsia to it!  Red creates energy and drama; pink is pretty and lighthearted fun; fuchsia is bold and sexy.  Be daring and paint your bookshelves a cool color; It's just paint after all!  I have a friend who will volunteer to paint pretty much anything when she gets bored. 

If you need a gift for your Valentine, give the gift of design!  It is a gift certificate that is kind of like saying, "take time to go to the spa." Except it says bring the 'sense of spa' into your home.  Or, if it's an office space you may need an energetic, but comfortable feel to keep you from falling asleep. If you feel comfortable and relaxed in your space, you will be more rested, and likewise if you feel active and happy, you will be more productive when you need to be.  That's a fact!  Design based on evidence and studies, makes a lasting and significant impact on your life. 

With love,