New Year, New Home

When you take down Christmas decorations, it is the perfect time to rethink some of your interior decor.  Also, you should seize the opportunity to clean surfaces with a fresh scented furniture polish to get your "scent"sations energized for the New Year!  So, there you go, it’s time to de-clutter and STREAMLINE!  

Both your life and your home!!!

Take a free afternoon or weekend to do some of the following things:

Get some fresh new green plants such as air plants or tropical indoor plants that don't take a lot of maintenance, but give color, texture, and a dose of fresh oxygen to a space.  I am an orchid lover and have a room full of them.  They make me happy!

Tropical plants.jpg

You can also freshen the air with new, clean smelling candles.  Move from the heavier cinnamon and cypress scents to the clean fresh linen, lime verbina or Volcano no. 6 Capri blue candle in a pretty jar.  I can't get enough of this scent!!!  It's addicting...YUMMY!!!


Re-hang a wall gallery of photographs or artwork.  Don't be afraid of making holes in the wall; spackling and paint are cheap!  Re-place old pictures with newer ones and move old ones around to new spots.  This will create a fresh focal point on the wall.  Musical Pictures! Art is my passion, so I CRAVE the energy of it in my life and on my walls!!!

The same theory applies to accessories such as lamps, books, table top items or candle holders.  Take and edit these items now that you have shed the extra decorations from the Holidays!  The clean simple tabletop will be nice for a change.  It gives you a sense of order in the chaos of the New Year! A beautiful tablescape is good for your visual sense.

Daylight savings time in the winter can be a let your light shine!  Shed shutters or dark and heavy window coverings temporarily or permanently for brighter interior spaces.  Use lighter or sheer fabrics to make spaces airy and spacious looking.  Use reeded or grass shades as an alternative to blinds or shutters under your draperies.  The color white or cream is always soothing, you can't go wrong there!


Add a new touch to a room by painting "something".  It could be the back of bookshelves or a piece of furniture.  Old objects get a makeover with a new background!  I LOVE a hit of intense color somewhere in a room...

In the New Year add music to your interior experience.  The sounds of smooth jazz or new age music can transform your sense of space.  If you don't believe me, try it!  I remember going to a home show in San Diego in Rancho Santa Fe and walking around a beautiful home listening to the music of Enya.  I will never forget the impression it made on me of the space and the feeling I got while I was there.  AMAZING!!!


Get into your wild side!  I think animal prints will forever be loved.  I know I will always LOVE animal prints! Whether it's a leopard or zebra print, let it SPEAK!  Use one print as a focal point and you will ROCK the room!


Make a "Zen" space for exercise when you can't make it to the gym!  It happens! If you have a designated area in your home, it is easy to roll out the yoga mat and do a "YouTube" session in the comfort of your own home.  Namaste

Weave in artwork of inspirational words or quotes into the wall gallery to motivate you.  It helps to visualize positivity!  LOVE, JOY and GIVE THANKS!


Bring the Spa home to your own bath.  Use your bathroom as an escape to shed the stress of the day.  Place stacks of fresh towels by the tub along with bath salts and yummy bubble baths!  Have candles, a towel warmer and music to add to the experience, as well.  Exhale!!!  Ahhhh

Don't forget to embrace YOU in the New Year!  You owe it to yourself to make your space comfortable and relaxing.  Your home is your refuge in the craziness of this world.  It is NOT trivial to be at PEACE in your surroundings.  You are a better person for it:  Kinder, more patient, gentler, level headed, less stressed and able to show that to your fellow man.  God Bless you and yours in 2017!